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Creating a single-page website from scratch in the style of street art. A website with simple interface and ability to quickly Supplement the website information.


  1. Created new single page website based on my wishes and recommendations from Ruslan. 
  2. Uploaded videos to the site, everything works correctly. 
  3. Optimized the loading speed of the website. 
  4. A website filled with all necessary articles.

How it look


Client's impressions


In fact, Ruslan is a very cool running. Quickly answers. After about a year after starting I wrote him about some of the difficulties encountered during the operation of the site. He immediately joined, despite the fact that is in a completely different time zone. And for a small period of time all issues have been resolved. I know that you can always contact him and he will answer you immediately. So I decided to write a review on his work.

Greeks Nikita Andreevich Actor/Lecturer

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